Women-led VC funds are still few and far between – especially in the male-dominated deep tech field. Voima Ventures continues to renew the Nordic tech investing scene as two seasoned VC women executives strengthen this science VC’s operations and investment team in Sweden and across the Nordics.

Helsinki, Finland. Starting April, Voima Ventures grows their team with two new investment professionals. Investment Director Jenny Engerfelt (formerly Almi Invest) supported by a senior Venture Advisor Malin Carlstrom (Head of Ventures at ABB Electrification) will grow Voima Ventures’ investment operations in Sweden.

“We’re incredibly excited to see these two superwomen joining our mission. The purpose of Voima Ventures has always been to be a truly diverse Nordic deep tech fund, and having team members in both Finland and Sweden will surely help us strengthen our Nordic research and tech hub presence”, says Inka Mero, Managing Partner and founder at Voima Ventures.

The expansion to Sweden is an important step for Voima Ventures. While having a truly diverse and international team has been in the core values from the very start, the strengthened presence in Sweden also makes it easier to work with Swedish deep tech entrepreneurs on a grassroot level. In addition, a truly focused deep tech fund such as Voima Ventures is necessary in combating the deep tech gap that’s present in the Nordic startup scene. The majority of Nordic deep tech investments still flow to later stage and mega rounds, and Voima Ventures wants to fill in the existing seed -stage gap.

“I joined Voima Ventures because I am extremely motivated by the mission to support early stage deep tech entrepreneurs with big missions”, says Jenny Engerfelt and continues: “There are so many great entrepreneurs with ideas with scientific foundation or deep tech focus that have a true impact on the world, but there is not enough money in the crucial early stages. The grassroot-level work we’re able to do with founders in various domains like quantum, biotech or new materials is often overlooked. Especially in deep tech, visiting factories and labs, and connecting with universities and other early stage investors is a big part in assessing the startups potential and supporting the founders in the first steps in scaling and recruiting talent.”

Having worked as both an Investment Manager and Fund Manager for the better part of a decade, Jenny brings hands-on experience from early stage investing and a broad network into the Swedish startup ecosystem.

In addition to Jenny, high-profile VC investor Malin Carlström will be joining the Swedish
Voima Ventures team as a senior Venture Advisor. Malin is a well-known venture capital veteran, who’s spent the last years heading ABB Electrifications global Venture team. Since Malin’s recent work has focused on electrification and digitization of the industry, and she’s led several high-profile deep tech rounds globally, working with the Nordic early-stage venture scene complements her current role well, in addition to providing value to startups eyeing internationalization and growth.

“At Voima Ventures, I hope to help evaluate promising technologies and support teams in the early phases. With my growth stage and corporate insights, I know the routes to successful expansion – and how to avoid the pitfalls”, Malin states.

“Ultimately, we hope our strengthened Nordic presence can help us find more game-changing and impact-driven next-generation founders and scientists with groundbreaking ideas, and that we can help them scale new solutions globally for the people, planet and industry”, Inka Mero says.

Starting April, the Swedish team can be reached at jenny.engerfelt@voimaventures.com and malin.carlstrom@voimaventures.com.