Two new open positions! Startup Analyst (full-time) and VC Trainee (part time)

Two new open positions! Startup Analyst (full-time) and VC Trainee (part time). 

Deadline: September 15th.

Want to work in the deep tech VC world? Deep technology is a fascinating domain. Join our mission to bridge the gap between the Nordic growth startup community and science communities. You can learn more on our diverse Voima Ventures team!

Who we are? Voima Ventures is a new kid on the VC block – the first true deep tech VC in the Nordics, investing into growth startups and companies with scientific foundation. We are aiming to make 25-30 new investments from our recently launched 40M€ fund.  At Voima Ventures, we believe that the biggest opportunities for the future arise through combining entrepreneurship, science and capital. As an early-stage and multi-ticket VC fund, we work closely with science -based founder teams and seed startups, and support our growing portfolio companies through funding and business development to accelerate their growth to global markets. 

We are now looking for two new team additions: Startup Analyst (full-time role) and VC trainee (part-time, 3-6 months).

Startup Analyst

Are you our exceptional, financially and technologically savvy Startup Analyst with a great personality and high ambition level? We are looking for you to support Voima Ventures’ team on analysing our startup deal flow and pipeline, conducting due diligence work for new investments, and in particular provide support for our team on technological, strategic and market analysis, while evaluating new investments and conducting portfolio value creation work.  

This is a unique opportunity to work with growth companies, apply your technical, financial and analytical skills to evaluate leading Noridc deep tech startups and support world-changing investment decisions at Voima Ventures. 

What we expect?

  • Curiosity: constant interest to learning and seeking / finding information on hard topics. Confidence in managing, querying and interpreting datasets; Ability to extract insights and share only what is relevant when it is relevant; Ability to multi-task and self-direct, and drive projects on time. 
  • Passion for what we do: world-changing technology and deep technology startups, demonstrated by a strong grasp of industry trends, key players, and business fundamentals 
  • Some experience: working experience in an analyst / research or similar position at a technology company, global corporation / M&A, VC fund,  investment bank, strategy consultancy or similar
  • Strong technological analysis skills: you will have to be comfortable finding scientific experts to validate a technology or science topic, connecting multiple data sources, and providing your view of the industry, technology play and the competition
  • Team worker with written and oral communication skills: you will be working as part of the core team and are expected to produce publication-quality material based on your research,  and comfortable in presenting it as well. 
  • Fluent Finnish and English (yes both), 2-3 years of work experience with financial training, and preferably technical abilities in engineering, computer sciences, life sciences  or mathematics equivalent to that of a degree from University.

What you can expect?

You will be an essential part of the core team and participate in all key meetings and decision making. Your work and role will vary week by week and will be influenced by yourself. You can expect the role to divide roughly into:

  • 25% supporting the whole team in researching emerging deep technology sectors and startups by compiling insights from various datasets, developing benchmarks from the performance of companies and using data signals to identify new opportunities
  • 50 % evaluation of new investments and meeting startups individually and with other team members – and owning our deal flow pipeline and funnel management process. Conducting more detailed analysis / due diligence as we move closer to a deal, including market and competitive analysis, customer references and some financial modelling.
  • 25% portfolio value creation, analysis and financial reporting. Supporting the Voima Ventures team in building value of the portfolio, collecting financial and other data on the companies. Analyze portfolio data and help prepare presentations for our internal and  external investor meetings. 

Voima Ventures offers you a new family

We are on a long-term journey to build the leading deep tech VC to Europe, and by joining us, you will join the Voima Ventures family and network. Hence, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to grow and learn, how to become a VC and how deep tech companies operate and grow. Natural growth path inside Voima Ventures is to become later (in 2-4 years) an investment manager, leading and co-leading your own deals, or joining one of our unique portfolio companies.

We offer a relaxed and ambitious working environment, with a market based salary, normal lunch, sport etc benefits and later, after a year, an additional performance related bonus.

Please send your open application + CV + references to 

VC Trainee

If you are fascinated on deep tech and the job described above on the analyst position, and you are a third year (or higher) masters student or have just recently graduated from university (technical, law or business) – please send your open application for the trainee position.

We are looking for a part-time and super-talented trainee to: 

  • work with us on financial data gathering and reporting / admin setup
  • Help with the Voima Ventures community work and deal flow building
  • And support us in preparing investment analysisand due diligence data gathering on potential investments. 

We are flexible. The position duration is 3-6 months, and the workload varies according to the agreed projects and your own studies between 0-20 hours per week.  

Please send your open application + CV + references to