We’re searching for an Investment Professional with a solid foundation in the Life Sciences and Biotech sectors to join our team. You’ll be key in guiding our deep tech investments, particularly in exponential health solutions, one of our three main areas of investment focus.

Voima Ventures is a leading deep tech venture capital firm in the Nordics and Baltics, with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. Four years ago, Voima Ventures became the leading deep tech venture capital fund in the Nordics, exclusively supporting science-based startups from Seed to Series A. Our journey since then has been marked by achievements which underscore our dedication to supporting scientific breakthroughs for the advancement of health, the environment, and industry.

Our portfolio in the life science sector is versatile and includes companies like StemSight – Vision Unlimited, who are on a mission to cure corneal blindness with stem cells, as well as Genomill , whose GENO1® product can detect cancer in blood at extremely low levels. In an adjacent sector we have also invested in MVision AI who are transforming radiotherapy planning with AI, streamlining the process of targeting tumours while protecting healthy tissue. These are all examples of game-changing innovations that can change entire industries on a global scale.

Two years ago, we strengthened our presence in the Nordics by opening our office in Sweden. Jenny Engerfelt, joined the team as our Swedish Investment Director and Malin Calstrom as Venture Advisor. Despite the whole team working across Nordics and Baltics, this local team has been pivotal in growing our presence in this vibrant ecosystem in Sweden.

Jenny Engerfelt and Inka Mero

Fast forward to today, and that’s where you come in. We are looking for an Investment Manager/Director to join our team in Sweden and lead our investment efforts within the life science and biotech fields across the Nordics and Baltics. The role presents a unique opportunity to directly influence the rapidly evolving landscape across all key areas of healthcare. We call this wide and deep area Health X -domain within Voima Ventures investment strategy. Health X refers to next generation “exponential” solutions spinning from science which are becoming increasingly vital for the future of humankind. Solutions needed addressing the growing challenges of an ageing population, chronically ill patients, mental health and in a new era of services and solutions needed as r advanced diagnostics and preventive healthcare increases. We are offering you a chance to shape the future of this domain through investing in startups that are at the forefront of research.

Voima Ventures Team on work trip

We’ve grown a portfolio of over 30 companies, directly impacting the entrepreneurial lives of more than 1000 people employed within these ventures. Together, these companies have successfully raised over €500 million in funding, fueling disruptive growth driven by groundbreaking scientific advancements. It will be your job to search for the next HealthX company and drive the value growth for our new Fund III, which was launched in Summer last year, now close to 95M€.

One of the first investments from our article 8 compliant fund was in ÄIO. They are an Estonian startup, turning wood industry side streams into plant based fats and oils to replace animal fats and palm oil. Using locally sourced materials and circular economic principles, ÄIO is building a processing factory to turn industry sidesteams into high value, edible fats and oils using fermentation.

If you’re passionate about science and entrepreneurship, and you have a drive to nudge the course of humanity towards a more sustainable future, then we would like to talk with you further. As you may have guessed, we are searching for someone with a strong foundation in the life sciences, backed by 5-7 years of experience in either a business, startup or venture capital. The perfect candidate will have been involved in operational roles, showcasing both business acumen and an in-depth understanding of a specific industry in the field of life sciences. A curious mind with the ability to dive into new domains and the analytical skills to drive strategic investment decisions are essential. A proven track record in portfolio management, contributing to strategic exits, or a solid grasp of venture capital dynamics is considered a merit. Additionally, an established network within the life science/biotech startup ecosystem would be advantageous.

You will join a diverse team of motivated, fun, and supportive professionals with diverse expertise and a high level of ambition. We offer flexibility in working hours and remote work opportunities, in return, you need to be comfortable with travel across the Nordics and Baltics. You will be operating from our Stockholm office but we are also welcoming applicants from other regions in Sweden and the Nordics.

Voima Ventures Team Day

If you’re ready to join our mission at Voima Ventures, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your application, including a CV and a cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications for this role as soon as possible. Our hiring process is handled by Haeger Carlsson, please contact helena@haegercarlsson.com for further information.

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