About Us

Voima Ventures helps founders to accelerate the growth of deep technology ventures to global markets. We shed light on the ideas and technology which require time and courage to build.

The way we work is simple: we combine science-driven innovation together with the Nordic serial entrepreneurial experience and a global mindset.

Having roots at VTT, who is our cornerstone investor, enables us to see further. Oh, and the network. Global Network. Trust us and we trust you – this one pays back.

Why deep tech?

We are living a time where people, societies and companies are facing global challenges. Environment, healthcare, equality, clean energy, water, and food. The list is long.

Where there is a challenge, as entrepreneurs, we see an opportunity. We truly and genuinely believe that many of these challenges can be solved by combining growth entrepreneurship, science driven innovation and value-adding capital to make the change with a high impact.

It is time to start working on the solutions.

Our approach

We are a diverse team of growth entrepreneurs and investors with a passion for deep tech. Our investments vary from pre-seed stage and technology spin-offs to us leading a series A (and even series B).

We work closely with science teams of our strategic partner VTT, as well as Finnish universities, and the Nordic-Baltic startup community, angel investors and VC community.

So if you and your team have an idea, startup or a company, with a strong scientific foundation and global ambition, let’s get in touch!

Our Portfolio

Voima Ventures is the  45M€  truly deep tech fund launched in the spring 2019. We are aiming to make appx 25-30 new investments from the fund. We invest across all stages starting from a spin-off and seed, up to series A and growth. We primarily invest in Finland, Nordics and Baltics.

The best way to see the results of our work is to browse through the VTT Ventures portfolio which is currently managed by us. It consists of 20 deep tech companies originating from VTT.


Injection molded structural electronics


See-through technology for smart eyewear


Infinited fiber company

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Our team


Inka Mero

Founder & Managing Partner


Mikko Kumpulainen

Co-founder & Partner

Pontus Stråhlman


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