World needs science, entrepreneurship and innovation. Voima Ventures was founded in 2019 because we felt that there was a significant gap in the funding of early stage science-based innovations and a lack of deep tech oriented VC investors, especially in the Nordics.

Our mission is to solve global problems by catalyzing science-driven innovations with the Nordic serial entrepreneurial expertise, a global mindset and value-adding capital, while bringing the scientific community closer to investors.

Voima Ventures Fund II Ky is managed by Voima Ventures Oy. Voima Ventures Oy furthermore manages Voima Ventures Fund I Ky comprising of spinoff companies originating from VTT, which is fully owned by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Voima Ventures Oy is owned by the Voima Ventures managing team.

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Our Managing Partner Inka Mero will answer to inquiries by media. Reach her at inka.mero(at) or  +358 45 121 4394.

Having its origins in the Technical Research Centre in Finland (VTT), Voima Ventures currently manages two funds: 

  1. Voima Ventures Fund I: VTT Ventures’ portfolio and 
  2. Voima Ventures Fund IIKy: a new fund launched last year. Of these two, Voima Ventures Fund II is the one we are currently actively making investments from.

Voima Ventures Fund I investment period ended Q1/2019)

  • Size: 20 MEUR
  • Number of investments: 19

Voima Ventures Fund II Ky (investment period started Q2/2019)

  • Size: 40 MEUR
  • Number of investments: 6

Fund I is fully (100%) owned by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Our cornerstone investors in Fund II are the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT),  European Investment Fund (EIF) and selected Finnish private and institutional investors. We are currently making investments from Fund II.

Voima Ventures Fund II Ky:

  • Investors
    • Public sector: 50 % 
    • Family offices 12%
    • Private sector 38%
  • Geographical distribution
    • Finland: 43 %
    • Elsewhere in Europe: 57 %

We adhere to the IPEV (International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation) guidelines in valuation and follow InvestEurope’s industry standard in investor reporting.

Voima Ventures’ purpose is to solve big global problems through combining science, entrepreneurship and capital. These problems relate to the future of our planet, societies and people. Hence we hold responsibility, equality and sustainably in high regard, and strive to carefully weigh them in every decision we make. We acknowledge that the VC and technology industries still have a long way to go and thus we want to be a part of and encourage this positive change.

When making investment decisions, we follow the Finnish Venture Capital Association’s guidelines and our own responsible investment policy that incorporates ESG principles.

Voima Ventures is a fully registered AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) investor.

If you would like to know more about AIFMs visit the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority’s site.

Voima Ventures is a proud member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association and follows their guidelines on responsible and transparent investing.